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2017 harvest

The 2017 grape harvest has drawn to a close, and it was one of our earliest harvests ever. An early look at the vintage reveals peppery, spicy and fruity wines with full, harmonic acidity that allow them to resemble those of the excellent 2015 vintage.

First preview on the vintage 2016

The uniform weather in late summer as well as the cool nights of the previous weeks have been quite perfect for the final ripeness of the grapes. The natural concentration of sugar in the grapes is increasing while their freshness is preserved.

Wine Diary 2015


After the extremes of the summer we were very pleased when the weather turned cooler, and rain eventually arrived. The cooler nights are very relaxing and important for the final ripening of the grapes.

2014 harvest

The 2014 harvest is complete. Really one of the smallest wine harvests that we have ever brought to our cellars. The yield has been under 2.900 kilograms per hectare. That represents less than half our long-term average.

Progress to date of the 2013 Vintage

Following a long, fairly mild winter the vines began to bud somewhat late, but early May's extremely hot days very quickly more than made up for a slack in growth. Despite another prolonged cool period in May the growth of the vines in the mid-July is by now about where it should be compared to past years.