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5 Sterne Outstanding

Bud-break of our vines happened three weeks in advance at beginning of April this year.
In the last week of April then we have unfortunately seen a massive cold snap with snow and ice. Three consecutive frost nights perished 2/3 of our shoots, a centennial loss which has last been registered in such a severity in 1919 in our region.

Not until mid-May our rootstocks have recovered from this shock and started to sprout again. Unfortunately set of fruit was relatively low.

Spring and whole summer showed with tropical condition swith lots of sunshine and humidity which also caused fungal dieseases on leaves and berries that lead to a further cut of yield. Organic farming reached its limits.

Not until end of August weather calmed down and an epic Indian summer set in the Seewinkel region until the end of September which lead to perfect maturation of the small crop.

Despite the very small harvest this year we are very confident with the qualitative level of this vintage: freshness and vivacity with fine concentration on the palate leads to vibrating wines with great class.