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5 Sterne Outstanding

The vintage 2015 has brought wonderful, fine wines with a precise fruit aroma.

After a mild and damp winter, the shooting of the vines started a week earlier than the usual average. In the beginning of June, the blossoming happened quickly, followed by the first heat wave of the year.

As the ground was still saturated with water very well, the vines looked magnificent - well-balanced growth and steady development of the grapes.
More heat waves set in during the summer. In the beginning, we had cool nights in which the plants could recuperate but the summer days turned hotter and drier steadily.
Old vines with their many branches can endure long periods of dryness very well. By implementing a so called green harvest, the vines were relieved early in July, which increased the potential quality. Only in the second half of August did helpful rains "save" the vintage.
The harvest began on 2 September with Sauvignon blanc and a week later we started the main harvest. The grapes were perfectly healthy and the picking came on quickly.

During the last days of September, stable weather with cool nights arrived - perfect for the harvest of Blaufränkisch. At the beginning of November, we could conclude our harvest with a wonderful Beerenauslese. A vintage that leaves no wishes unfulfilled.