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The location "Vom Stein"

The plot of land "vom stein" is to be found in the municipality of frauenkirchen.

In the botanical map of 1886 the site is shown as vine land, but many years earlier vine cultivation could have taken place there. A processional path, no longer in existence, which had carved (Stein-igen) stations of the cross, gave the farmland its name. From here on the soil comes up to the surface, shaped by large, quartz-holding, gravel stones.

Umathum vineyard has, on the highest point of this gently rounded hilltop, approx. 2 hectars of vine planting.

The soil is very dry and warm, with limited water supply. This induces in the grapes slow growth, and small berries with thick skins. In autumn this leads to, on the one hand, more taste concentration and tannin in the berries, also more resistance to disease. The vine supporting wires got from west to east, the direction of the prevailing wind. Thus the plot is well ventilated, giving quick drying of the berries and also less susceptibility to disease.

Suitability of the grape varieties:
This is the optimal site for Sankt Laurent. This grape is particularly happy on this warm, dry site, and produces its best results.