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Progress to date of the 2013 Vintage

Following a long, fairly mild winter the vines began to bud somewhat late, but early May's extremely hot days very quickly more than made up for a slack in growth. Despite another prolonged cool period in May the growth of the vines in the mid-July is by now about where it should be compared to past years.

The evolution of the vineyards is more wonderful than ever, an absolute joy.

Thank goodness in our area we were spared from this year's earlier severe weather conditions of floods and hail. Water and warm temperatures have arrived at just the right times and right amounts.
The vines are healthy, fresh and vigorous, while the good formation in the berries shows them to be small and loose-bunched.

In terms of vineyard work it's vital now to temper the grapes and maintain their healthy status. Prolonged exposure of the young grapes to the sun and removal of shoots and leaves, as well as giving them a measured water stress, will result in smaller grapes whose thicker skins will guard in the fall against rot, and bring forth more taste and concentration. For the moment, we anticipate the main harvest taking place in mid-September.

26th. September. First indications of the 2013 vintage.
Whilst strong fermentation is still taking place in the cellars, we would like to give you an early idea of the 2013 vintage. The harvest volume of our main varieties, Zweigelt and St. Laurent, is not so damatically small as was recently feared. The ability to irrigate these grape varieties has certainly averted our worst fears.
Because of notable weather cooling at the end of August, the plants could enjoy a fene, even, final ripening, and that was evident in the freshness of the young wines.

29th. September.
Michaelmas, aturning-point of the year. Now the vegetation stands before winter, and its apparent rest phase. The biodynamic product "Hornmist" is being prepared and spread over the soil.

2nd. October.
It es now getting really autumnal, very fresh in the morning, with sunny days. It should remain dry, and by the end of the week we will be continuing with the harvest.

4th. October.
We are harvesting the first Blaufränkisch grapes with a sugar content of up to 21,5 %, a real delight. This year the Burgenland can demonstrate the advantages of its beneficial climate. Since, in recent days, light morning frosts have occurred in many other wine-producing areas of Austria, and here also, through only in low-lying sites, further assimilation and sugar increase through the leaves is no longer possible. Our late varieties are all on hill sites where, up to now, no frosts have occurred, and the leaves are still fully active, and the grapes fully ripe and healthy. There exist, therefore, in every case, the best preconditions for pressing good wines from these beautiful grapes.

9th. October.
This year the Burgenland can take full advantage of its favourable climate. Super-ripe grapes are on the late varieties such as Blaufränkisch, Cabernet and also the "Lindenblättrigen" (lime-leaved) varieties.

11th. October.
Start of winter in the west, but the last Blaufränkisch grapes still hang on the vines. The air is again becoming moister, and conditions for the development of noble rot are good.

15th. October.
With the gathering of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes the harvest has come to an end. The year has been full of extremes and surprises, but finally with a very pleasing outcome.

17th. October.
A real autumn day. A fresh wind blowing the brightly coloured leaves about. The leaves show their many-hued beauty. The white wine leaves become mostly bright green shading to yellow, Zweigelt reddish brown, Blaufränkisch and Pinot noir yellow-gold. It is a real delight to see this bright colouring of nature.

28th. October.
Almost 24 degrees Centigrade, really unusually warm for the end of October. But a wind good enough for kite flying.