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Kirschgarten, Blaufränkisch 2009

A veritable fruit basket of dried blackberries and mulberries, with some maturity coming through in mocha tones. That touch of maturity is really inviting and intriguing, a hint of leather and woodsmoke on the finish. Drink 2017-2021 (91 points)

Clark Foyster MW

Sankt Laurent Reserve 2009

Clearly quite mature, the leafy mulch nose has a Pinot-like quality. Precise with charm and poise, a seamless texture and an attractive savoury charcter coming from smokiness and tobacco spice. Drink 2017-2020 (91 points)

Clark Foyster MW

ROSA 2015, Rose Saignée

This is not your ordinary Rosé. Unlike most pink wines, the wine is hidden behind the dark glass bottle. Don’t let this discourage you. Open it and you will find a vibrant pink-purple colour, raspberry notes in a savoury, dry style. From one of Austria’s leading producers of Zweigelt, this is a hand-picked, low-yield, biodynamic wine from the sunny shores of Lake Neusiedl.

Bottle Apostle (wine retailer - London)

Beerenauslese 1989, Pinot gris and Welschriesling

dark, golden yellow, ample hint of honey and meadow flowers in the nose, characteristics of chocolate and honey on the palate, full-bodied, lasting well, a fine sweetness, well ripened, and after 26 years still very lively, and capable of being kept for many further years.

Tasted in 16th. June 2015

Trockenbeerenauslese 1979, Pinot gris

The chocolate-brown colour seen when bottling caused surprise. The wine had fresh "nose", but was still fresh and lively with chocolate-nougat and hazelnut characteristics. Slightly smoky on the nose, on the palate lively, fresh with fine sweetness. A wine which can mature for at least a further 36 years.

Tasted in May 2015

Beerenauslese 2001, Chardonnay and Scheurebe

bright yellow-gold, in the nose quince and pear (typical for Chardonnay) with exotic fruit aromas which reminded one of citrus and lychee (typical for Scheurebe), on the palate a refreshing spiciness, a tense play between sweetness and acidity, a tasting experience. A wine which can mature for many years more.

Tasted in May 2015

Rosa 2004
Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, Sankt Laurent

a ripe pink in colour, spicy scents of red fruits, on the palate still fresh with fine tannin, has kept wonderfully well, ready for drinking.

Tasted in May 2015

Rosa 2014
Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, Sankt Laurent

streaming, bright, raspberry red, a nose of strawberries and raspberries, on the palate hints of bright cherry with mild tannins, joyful drinking. To drink now, or left to mature for up to two years.

Tasted in May 2015

Ried Hallebühl, Zweigelt 2011

intensive ruby-red with dark core, fruity, spicy to the nose, with scents of plums and cherries, slightly smoky, on the palate peppery and fruity, with a taste reminding one of plants, with pleasant tannins and a fine finish, the wine needs much more time to mature, it is extremely youthful - to be left to mature further

Tasted in May 2015

Ried Hallebühl, Zweigelt 1997
Zweigelt (with just a little Blaufränkisch and Cabernet Sauvignon)

dark brick-red, with lightly-ripened rim, spicy, peppery note for the nose, with impressions of dark berries and chocolate-cherry, peppery, spicy on the palate, a fine taste, very well ripened and lively, tastes ten years younger than indicated on the label;
It was one of the first wines we fermented with a part of the grape styles. Through this the wines become more rustic, characterful and long-lasting.

Tasted in May 2015

Ried Hallebühl, Zweigelt 1999
Zweigelt (with just a little Blaufränkisch and Cabernet Sauvignon)

dark, brick-red, in the nose berries of the wood, with a slightly earthy note, cherries on the palate, full-bodied, has much potential; Here too a part of the grape stems fermented, in order to strengthen the structure of the wine.

Tasted in May 2015

Vom Stein, Sankt Laurent 1999

intensive red, spicy fruit in the nose, reminding one of dried orange peel and thyme, on the palate blackberries and fresh characteristics, very lively and fine, a wine with strong personality

Tasted in May 2015

Königlicher Tafelwein MMXII, Lindenblättriger 2012

bright golden-yellow, fresh aromas of peach and honey in the nose, on the palate hints of honey and stone fruits with an impression of lime blossom and white pepper, youthful

Tasted in May 2015

Pinot Noir 2005, Unter den Terrassen

brick red colour, wonderful, almost seet fruit in the nose, reminding one of raspberries, with underlying hints of fruits of the forest, cloves, on the palate full-bodied, soft and creamy, with a mild, long finish

Tasted in May 2015

Kirschgarten, Blaufränkisch 2003

intense brick-red, with dark core, in the nose reminiscent of dark, ripe cherries, a gentle graphite note, reclled on the palate, dark cherries in taste, long lasting, well ripened, even though made from very young grapes still has potential for laying down.

Tasted in May 2015

Kirschgarten, Blaufränkisch 2011

dark ruby-red, with black core, in the nose aromas of black cherries, mirrored again in the palate, pippy graphite note, with firm structure fine tannins, long finish, exceptionally full of charcter, extremely young, needs long keeping

Tasted in May 2015

"Edition 1214", Blaufränkisch 2012

streaming ruby-red, with dark core, intensive aromas of cherry, with peppery spice in the nose, on the palate fresh, spicy, with pippy struckture, a typical chalk note (sticks to the gums), delicate with a fine after-taste of tannin and spice, still very young
This wine is made on the occasion of the 800th jubilee anniversary of our Jois vineyard.

Tasted in May 2015

Gelber Muskateller 2012

straw-yellow colour, with greenish reflexes, in the nose fine nutmeg with aromas of ripe pears and nuances of honey, on the palate yellow apple and a gentle citrus note

Tasted in May 2015

Ried Hallebühl, Zweigelt 1987

brick-red colour with delicate, bright edge, and dark core, in the nose intensively spicy, peppery, with delicate echoes of raspberries and cherries, long on the palate with fine, round tannins, and fresh finish, after 27 years the wine is sprightly, and has potential for many more years.
In 1987 scacely anybody would have considered it possible to produce such a splendid wine from the Zweigelt grape variety, and particularly not from such a difficult vintage year. What a joy it is that this wine still presents so wonderfully.

Tasted on 2nd. May 2015

Sauvignon blanc 2010

bright straw-yellow in colour, a fresh note of gooseberry and elderberry, tastes young and fresh with a fine, spicy finish, a light note of ripeness, has potential for many more years

Tasted on 25th. April 2015

Königlicher Tafelwein MMIX, Lindenblättriger 2009

bright yellow, with a fine note of apricots and peaches, on the palate traces of honey, and again apricots, now excellent drinking but still with further potential

Tasted on 25th. April 2015

Sankt Laurent, Vom Stein 1992

brick-red colour with a light, bright edge, in the nose blackberries and a spicy characteristic like pepper, on the palate youthful and lively with a light, ripe tone - the warm weather during the year can be recognised, now ready for drinking, but has some further potential

Tasted on 25th. April 2015

Sankt Laurent Vom Stein 1994

brick-red colour with a bright edge, ripened, in the nose a typical Burgundy, rather Pinot than Sankt Laurent, fresh, spicy fruit that lingers on the palate, young and fun to drink, genuine fun, but has potential for a further 20 years

Tasted on 22nd. April 2015

Pinot Noir - Unter den Terrassen 2004

typical brick-red colour, but youthful, a fine note of raspberries and dark berries, on the palate soft, creamy, very full-bodied but still quite young, plenty of time for further storage

Tasted on 25th. April 2015

Blaufränkisch 2009

dark brick-red in colour, a youthful effect, cherry notes in the aroma, and continuing also on the palate, spicy, peppery with fine tannins and a good length, happily ripened for such a very simple wine; this shows clearly the potential of this wine, an example for longer cellaring by the consumer.

Tasted on 22nd. April 2015

Kirschgarten, Blaufränkisch 2003

dark, ruby-red, young, lively colour which shows no trace of ripening, aroma of dark cherries with a smoky note, on the palate berry fruits and chocolate, with hints of graphite; the first harvest in the cherry orchard after its replanting shows it to be extremely young and lively, it shows, despite the warm weather during the year, no trace of overripeness; suitable for a good further 15 years of keeping

Tasted on 7th. March 2015 from magnum bottles

Vom Stein, Sankt Laurent 1990

dark red-brown in colour, ripe, but healthy, in the nose lively fruit tastes of blackberry, thyme, orange zests, unbelievable spiciness, which continues on the palate, despite its age an overall lively red wine, even for habitual young wine drinkers a taste experience of a quite exceptional kind.

Tasted on 7th. March 2015  from magnum bottles

Pinot blanc 1984, Spätlese

yellow-gold colour, a fine aroma of ripe apples and pears, with a ripe, creamy note, on the palate fruity and fresh, very surprisingly young and vital, the fresh acidity of the cool weather during the year and the fine residual sweetness have kept this wine so lively and vital, a beautiful enjoyment to drink

Tasted on 15th. August 2014

Pinot Noir, Unter den Terrassen 2008

typical brick-red colour, with a bright rand, in the nose silky, raspberry notes, with underlying berries of the forest, herby, on the palate spicy, fulfilling and full-bodied, with a fine silky taste, keeps well and soft finish, very good to drink now

Tasted on 11th. February 2014

Chardonnay 1992

"Dear Mr. Umathum! On 4th. February I chanced to find a bottle of Chardonnay 1992 in my wine cellar. My first thoughts were to taste it, and pour the rest away. My surprise began already on opening the bottle. The stopper appeared new. Normally the colour is yellow-gold to dark yellow. But with this wine the colour was a bright yellow. On the palate it had a taste of lychee, and a long finish. An outstanding white wine. Congratulations on it. With greetings from the family of Erica and Karlheinz Edelman."

Vom Stein, Sankt Laurent 2003

beautiful ripe, pommegranate-red colour, light rusty aromas in the nose, a scent of herbs and blackberries and also dried, red oranges and thyme, on the palate a fine structure with much freshness and orange zests; Good for drinking now!

The 2003 season was one of the warmest and, above all, very dry. Warm late summer winds led to an extremely early harvest at the end of August. Our Sankt Laurent showed on the one hand the advantages of the variety to bring fresh acidity in warm seasons, and on the other hand to produce moderate alcoholic content, here not over 13 %.

Tasted on 10th. December 2013

Ruländer 1980, Auslese

a yellow-gold, still young colour, fine note of honey and dried fruits on the palate, with fresh sweetness and very lively, delicate, with a ripe note
Sadly this bottle has a slightly corky taste. The finish doesn't appear wholly clear.

The season was characterised by late ripening and high acidity. A rainy, cool spring and summer caused the harvest to be put back to the 12th. October, a delay of three weeks, compared to the normal for the 70's and 80's. Acidity stayed high, and many wine-growing regions were not able to reach the sugar content level to qualify as "Quality wines".

On 1st. and 2nd. November we could harvest a fine crop of Ruländer/Pinot gris. The high concentration of sugars and acidity allowed this wine to ripen wonderfully.

Tasted on 7th. December 2013

Sauvignon blanc 2009

bright yellow in colour, fresh indicatons of yellow fruits, very typical aroma for Sauvignon blanc grapes, that reminds one of elderberry and gooseberry, on the palate the fruit aromas are present again, good incorporated acidity, much glaze on the finish

The wine presents itself as fresh and young in the glass, and is always to be drunk with much joy. 2009 was a ripe season, with a beautiful autumn. Already at the beginning of September came the harvest for Sauvignon blanc grapes. These came from four different parcels of land. The soil is slatey with quartz intrusions. About 10 % comes from gravel soils.

Tasted on 7th. December 2013

Ried Hallebühl 1991
85 % Zweigelt and Cabernet with just a little Blaufränkisch

beautiful rich red in colour, nose of red berries and red currant, fiery, with fine nuances of cherry, on the palate lively, young, a fine structure with refreshing finish - a taste experience
Between the warm 1990 and 1992 the cool weather in 1991 was noticed by the press. Even vintners began to doubt the quality of this season. Despite cool and damp summers one could, with patient waiting, achieve finally a beautiful ripening of the graßes. The freshness and acidity allowed the wine to be young and lively, even if this style of wine today no longer represents the so-called "modern" type. This wine shows that one cannot write off a season prematurely.

Tasted on 27th. November 2013

Ried Hallebühl 1985 - Magnum

bright red, fine and intensive nose of blackberry, a bit of raspberry-liqueur, very fresh fruit, on the palate smooth, again fresh fruit, fine and long, with aeration still fresher and more vivid, incredible! Drink or hold!

Tasted in October 2005

Ried Hallebühl 1986 - Magnum

beautiful red, clearly ripened nose, hints of wet earth, decidous forest, strawberry, on the palate fine acidity, hints of redberries, again wet foilage, with aeration impressions of ripe plums, drink now!

Tasted in October 2005

Ried Hallebühl 1987 - Magnum

beautiful red, fine, noble nose, remembers of forest soil, marzipan, fine hints of red fruits, on the palate fine acidity, big class, cherries, fine and long, even after 5 hours very fine, big surprise, drink or hold!

Tasted in October 2005

Ried Hallebühl 1988 - Doublemagnum

beautiful brick-red, fine nose, leaves, clearly matured on the palate, nice to drink, elegant hints of cherries, drink now!

Tasted in October 2005

St. Laurent Vom Stein 1988

deep and fine nose, red fruits, nobel, sweet corn in the nose, fine raspberries, still fresh on the palate, good structure, fine impressions of forrest soil and raspberries on the palate, incredibly young after 17 years, wow! Drink!

Tasted in June 2005

Pinot Cuvée 1989, Magnum
(White wine cuvée out of Pinot gris, Pinot blanc and Neuburger)

Golden yellow colour, mellow aroma with a mineral note, herby, clear and lively, on the palate again mineral, full-bodied, with fine elegance and a light sweet note, a splendid wine, which still radiates youthfulness, a complete surprise in an anonymous tasting among the genial wines of the domaine Coche Dury in Burgundy.

The wine was poured from magnum bottles. These had been stored for nearly twenty years - the optimal time. It shows, firstly that Burgenland wines have great potential, and secondly that these wines stand comparison with the best wines in the world.

I wish local professional assessors would take this fact on board and revise their one-sided, unresearched preference for certain Austrian wine-groing areas.

Ried Hallebühl 1989, 0,75 lt.

dark red, first blend of Hallebühl, roasted tomatoes and toffé in the nose, very fresh, asparagus, verfine and long on the palate, good grip, slightly inharmonic.

Tasted in October 2005

Ried Hallebühl 1990 - Magnum

tempting sweet nose, sweet tones, caramel and vanilla notes, aromas of blackberry and bilberry, well balanced, a splendid wine

Tasted on 27th. April 2009. Tasting report by Annelies Dobler

dark red, deep essential nose, roasty hints, fine minerality, hints of coconut, on the palate fine tannin, good grip, balanced, hints of almonds, again nice minerality, elegance, drink now but loads of potential.

Tasted in October 2005

St. Laurent vom Stein 1990

deep nose, dark fruits, raspberry-blackberry-mix, roasty nose, on the palate very young, powerful, fine tannins, very nice wine, long and fine and very complex, top, driink or hold

Tasted in June 2005

Ried Hallebühl 1991 - Magnum

light medicinal notes, subtile fruit notes, some iodine in the nose, beautiful, elegant finish

Tasted on 27th. April 2009. Tasting report by Annelies Dobler

beautiful red, fresh nose, fleshy red fruit, fiery and deep nose, vivid on the palate, good grop, slightly adstringent, unbelievably young with aromas of green nuts and lovage, big surprise, drink or hold.

Tasted in October 2005

St. Laurent vom Stein 1991

fresh and fine nose, cold smoke, nice depth on the palate, red berries, noble, fine grip, long and balanced, top, drink now or hold, still good potential.

Tasted in June 2005

Ried Hallebühl 1992, Magnum

spicy to the nose, alcoholic, warm herb and biscuit notes, a ripe wine

Tasted on 27th. April 2009. Tasting report by Annelies Dobler

Ried Hallebühl 1992, 0,75 lt.

fiery cherries, fine and elegant, on the palate fullbodied, good structure, fine ripe wine with soft tannins and a typical smoky flavour.

Tasted in October 2005

St. Laurent vom Stein 1992

intensive fruit of ripe berries supported by hints of various spices, like a ripe wine from Burgundy, this clearly shows the relation to Pinot Noir, creamy on the palate, fine acidity, incredible length, a good example for the potential of St. Laurent.

Tasted in June 2005

Ried Hallebühl 1993, Magnum

lasting in the nose and also on the palate, aroma of rum pot and herbs, matured

Tasted on 27th. April 2009. Tasting report by Annelies Dobler

Ried Hallebühl 1993, 0,75 lt.

beautiful red, deep spicy nose, fresh blackberry aromas, pure youth, creamy and wild, very good grip, powerful, drink or hold

Tasted in October 2005

Ried Hallebühl 1994 - Magnum

spicy to the nose, beautiful fruit and spicy notes on the palate, dark berries, strong and juicy, well-balanced with long finish, a splendid wine reminiscent of Hallebühl 2004

Tasted on 27th. April 2009. Tasting report by Annelies Dobler

medium red, tangy, clear fruit, raspberries, juvenile, long and fine, very good, balanced and fiery on the palate, beautiful fruit, still Potential!

Tasted in October 2005 

Ried Hallebühl 1995, 0,75 lt.

ripe nose, generous fruit note, aroma like black elderberry, vry fleshy and ripe on the palate

Tasted on 27th. April 2009. Tasting report by Annelies Dobler

medium red, slightly ripened nose, red fruits, some wet foilage, quite alcoholic, nice for the weak vintage, reduced fruit, drink now!

Tasted in October 2005

Ried Hallebühl 1996 - Magnum

fruity nose, on the palate cherry notes with soewhat caramelised sugar and coffee aromas

Tasted on 27th. April 2009. Tasting report from Annelies Dobler

bright red, dark notes, smoky and cool nose, on the palate fresh and expressive fruit, easy-going, pure pleasure. Drink now!

Tasted in October 2005

Ried Hallebühl 1997, Magnum

pleasant, somewhat reserved nose, with dark berries and cassis, on the palate fruity and balanced, an elegant wine

Tasted on 27th. April 2009. Tasting report from Annelies Dobler

Ried Hallebühl 1997, 0,75 lt.

beautiful red, fine fruit, spicy, fiery on the palate, warm, balanced, exciting wine, dark cherries with chocolate on the palate, needs still time, wow, loads of potential!

Tasted in October 2005

St. Laurent vom Stein 1997

beautiful dark red, fine and deep nose, cool impressions, marzipan, cherries, some hints of ivy, fiery, extremely vivid, slight brett, very fine, long and demanding, huge potential

Tasted in June 2005

Ried Hallebühl 1998, 0,75 lt.

medium red, fine and youthful in the nose, needs a lot of air, good developped on the palate, gives pleasure, fine spiciness, fresh fruit, excellent company for food, medium-bodied. Drink now!

Tasted in October 2005

St. Laurent vom Stein 1998

medium red, open nose, deep impressions of blackberries, leather, blackthorn, wild cherries, beautiful acidity, fine on the palate, quite complex, well balanced, raspberry in the finish, long and fine, begin to drink!

Tasted in June 2005

Ried Hallebühl 1999, 0,75 lt.

very dark colour, fiery and powerful fruit in the nose, loads of tannin, full-bodied on the palate, choclate, tomatoes and cherries, roasty, long and fine, a ticking bomb!

Tasted in October 2005

St. Laurent vom Stein 1999

deep red, fine and essential nose, spicy, feminine on the palate, fine, low acidity, silky on the palate, with aeration exotic hints, rum-coco, deep and pure, very elegant, different wine, start to drink!

Tasted in June 2005

Ried Hallebühl 2000, Magnum

excellent terroir notes in the nose, on the palate very multi-layered, spicy, forest floor, liquorice, cassis, toast aromas, a very good wine with modern stylistic

Tasted on 27th. April 2009. Tasting report by Annelies Dobler

Ried Hallebühl 2000, 0,75 lt.

dark red, complex, jumps out of the glass, finesse, marzipan, choclate-cherries, loads of tannin, balanced and powerful, huge potential, monolithic! Drink or hold!

Tasted in October 2005

Ried Hallebühl 2001, 0,75 lt.

medium red, finesse, floral impressions, blackberry, fine, very good balance, elegant wine, spicy cherry-flavours, excellent wine for food! Drink now!

Tasted in October 2005

St. Laurent vom Stein 2001

lighter red, deep essential nose, attacks from the glass, fine oranged, raspberry, sour cherriex, fine herbs, thyme and rosemary, very Burgundy-like, complex, beautiful acidity on the palate, vivid, balanced and deep, gives pleasure, potential, drink or wait!

Tasted in June 2005

Ried Hallebühl 2002, 0,75 lt.

dark red, fiery, warm impressions in the nose, deep cherry-fruit combined with a fine spiciness, deep minerality, vibrating, balanced, fist in a velvet glove, needs time, pushing, loads of ripe tannin, perfect structure, very high potential, hold!

Tasted in October 2005

St. Laurent vom Stein 2002

beautiful, vivid red, deep essential nose, jumps out of the glass, very fine, vibrant in the nose, spicy, hints of blood-oranges, with air raspberry and sour cherries, complex, powerful on the palate, full-bodied, balanced, very nice acidity, raspberry-liqueur,deep and lots of grip, long finish, very high potential! Wait.

Tasted in June 2002

Ried Hallebühl 2003, Magnum

in the nose works already ripened, warm notes, high viscosity, compote and port wine notes, spice and orange tones

Tasted on 27th. April 2009. Tasting report by Annelies Dobler

Ried Hallebühl 2003, 0,75 lt.

deep red, choclate-cherries, orangezests, bit roasty, tangerines and cherries, warm and fullbodied on the palate, long and pushing, needs time, still a bit oaky, very good prospectives, very well balanced for its full-bodied structure, high potential. Wait!

Tasted in October 2005

St. Laurent vom Stein 2003

vivid red, deep roasty nose of blackberries and spices, rosemary, blackthorn, spicy notes, choclate in the nose, on the palate full-bodied, deep and long, very well balanced, again impressions of blackberry, blackthorn and oranges, hints of tangerines, good integrated acidity, harmonic but still very young, fine and long - huge Potential!

Tasted in June 2005