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4 Sterne Great

An early vintage with excellent wines

Already spring showed clearly, that the this years vintage would be warm and ripe. April was summer-like and flowering in May recordbreaking. A more than hot July with extremely long drought until August characterised the climatic situation in the East of Austria.
In most of the regions of Burgenland harvest started already by the end of August. After two weeks we already had two thirds of the grapes in the cellar and this turned out to be perfect, because at the first weekend of September it started raining cats and dogs and we had more than a third of the yearly rainfalls within some days. This changed the situation immediately and the advantage in vegetation of more than three weeks was gone. The late ripening grapes like Blaufränkisch and Cabernet have been picked thus by the end of September and partly in October.
Caused by the higher humidity we had perfect botrytis in the vineyards situated closed to Lake Neusiedl and could therefore harvest already in September some marvelous Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese, as early as never before!
The new wines make lots of fun with their ripe fruit and are already approachable on a moderate alcohol level. A good up to very good vintage which will meet the vintners and also the customers expectations!