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5 Sterne Excellent

Classic Spring weather that almost seems unusual in Austria and a glorious Autumn in Burgenland

You will probably often hear the year 2004 being referred to as a classic year for Austrian vintages. Certainly none of the past vintage years were so dissimilar as the last. While many wine regions were struggling against never-ending rain and ripening troubles, the region surrounding Neusiedlersee had no more rain after mid-July. August and September were among the driest months of the year. The wine-growing region around Neusiedlersee was able to fully benefit from its dry climate and natural vegetational advantage over other wine-regions, and in 2004, it was certainly one of the only wine-regions in Austria with fully ripened grapes completely without rot.
The slow ripening process of the grapes comes through in their aroma. These wines are fiery, with zesty,lively fruit. A wonderful vintage!