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5 Sterne Excellent

an extreme vintage

The wine year of extremes. Seldom before were the conditions so extreme and the vintage so early. After a damp March came summer temperatures and drought with the end of April. Flowering was already completed in May, earlier than ever before. Despite a cooler phase in July, August brought record-high temperatures of up to 39° C.

The vintage began in the last days of August and was concluded by the 20th of September. Flawlessly healthy grapes, sweet in taste; truly remarkable specimens! Particularly the red wines are excellent in 2000. Tey are black in color, complex and concentrated, with exotic notes of fruit. Both the St. Laurent and the Blaufränkisch prove to be of exceptionally fine quality, the likes of which occurs only every 15 to 20 years. All the prerequisites for extraordinarily fine wines are in place.