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2014 harvest

The 2014 harvest is complete. Really one of the smallest wine harvests that we have ever brought to our cellars. The yield has been under 2.900 kilograms per hectare. That represents less than half our long-term average.

On the other hand harvest costs were a third higher, since the harvest required costly intervention. The quality of this year's vintage is not so basic as was at first feared. But we cannot really speak of a good vintage. nevertheless we were able to produce fine, clean and eminently drinkable wines.

If, in addition to the basic wines, it will be possible to produce wines for keeping can only be decided after the coming winter. If it proves possible to secure a representative quality then it will only be in very limited quantities. For we need the better quality wines to lend the required substance to the classic wines.

The very heavy rainfall shortly before the harvest, and the rapid spread of botritis and other fungal diseases, left us in the position of grapes rotting before our very eyes.

To produce good, honest, fruity wines we need ripe and healthy berries. Luckily, even after the rain, we had sugar values far above the quality threshold and a corresponding physiological ripeness. It was thus possible, with gentle improvement, to produce good wines. Deacidification was not necessary.

I set the main focus of this year's vinification on clear fruit and elegance, which represents the style of the house of Umathum. The wines are a touch lighter and a little less structured. But in their simplicity they will offer drinking enjoyment - a product that we can, with a clear conscience, offer to our clients.